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Buying New without an Agent... Can Cost You.

There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of building a home from scratch and starting fresh in a new space. You get to pick the colors of the carpet, choose the countertops and flooring and watch as the home goes up. The nice sales people in the showroom are happy to help you through the process, but did you know that you can bring your own real estate agent to represent you... and it cost you NOTHING?

Here are the top reasons why you should have your own agent.

Avoid Headaches and Pitfalls – An experienced real estate agent can guide you through every step of the process helping you to avoid common mistakes and sources of frustration.

Choose the Right Development – It’s not enough to find a lovely development; understanding the neighborhood and schools play a big part of home values.

Choose the Right Lot – You might love the corner lot, but your agent can help you

consider resale before you buy.

Consider the Cost of Upgrades – Not all upgrades should be handled through the sales office; your agent can help you understand customary costs for upgrades.

Contract Negotiation – Did you know that the price and terms of new construction

homes can be negotiated? Your agent can get you the best deal.

Contract Review – Your agent will ensure everything is written correctly in the contract.

Your Agent is Free – All this representation and help, yet the home builder pays their commission.

Take advantage of all the benefits having your own agent representation brings and let the housing builder pay for it.

Adam Rivers



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