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How Do the Rebates Work?

Buy or Sell with Us
Have Rivers Realty represent you as a buyer or seller on a completed real estate transaction and receive $2,500 commission rebate from Rivers Realty at closing.


Location & Price

Rivers Realty primarily serves the Collin County area. Properties must be within Collin County for rebate eligibility.

The contract sales price on the property must be $200,000.00 or greater with Rivers Realty receiving 3% commission or greater for rebate eligibility.


When & How Do I Receive the Rebate?

You will see the rebate on your closing statement from the title company. The rebate amount is taken from the commission Rivers Realty receives from the transaction and is applied as a credit on your closing statement (reducing the cash that you will have to bring to closing).



Rivers Realty reserves the right to alter or cancel the rebate program at any time for any reason. Program eligibility will be determined by Rivers Realty on a case-by-case basis. The program is void where prohibited by law. Program eligibility is subject to the approval of the parties to the transaction. Program savings are limited to what is allowable (for example lender/mortgage restrictions) within each transaction, and Rivers Realty is not responsible for amounts that exceed those limitations.

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